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“At some point in your coaching career you may experience or witness dishonest or unethical behaviours, health and safety breaches, a safeguarding issue, harassment bullying or other forms of wrongdoing. The LTA are committed to reducing any unethical practices – You can help us in ensuring that tennis remains a safe environment  by reporting any suspicions or malpractices. The LTA has set up an independent, confidential and if required anonymous reporting service, Safecall: 0800 915 1571, available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year or report online: Please help us keep tennis safe”

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by Pat Sharp (20 February 2019)

Members are reminded that memberships fall due for renewal on 31 March 2019. Renewal forms will be left in the clubhouse for you to collect and thereby save the club a lot of postage cost. When completed you can leave the form with payment in the white post box. If you do a bank transfer PLEASE complete the form and return to Jan Gaskill, our hardworking membership secretary. Quite often there is a bank-transfer but she has no contact information.

Will members taking a guest to the club to play please put the guests name on the list – this is a club rule and is necessary for them to be covered by our insurance.

Your committee will be holding it’s next meeting in March – if you have any subject you wish to have discussed please contact the Chairman, David Long and it will be added to the agenda. We will be planning future events competitions, club development etc.

We have several juniors away during half-term playing in UK events. Hopefully I will have their results for next week.

Tomorrow (Friday) is one of our annual big fund-raisers- A Night at the Races– without them your fees would be higher as maintaining club facilities is not cheap. “Thank you” to all those who have sponsored races, owners, trainers and jockeys and all who will l be there I hope you have a great time. Supper will be at 7pm so please be on time.

Junior club coaching re-starts next week – check the details on the club’s very informative website and facebook. Also to enter the Nedgroup Junior tournament – 2 – 6 March – you have to do so on-line – no entry forms anymore. The link is ….

To enter any event you have to have a BTM number – this is free and the link is: 

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Congratulations to Charlotte Clarke – Young Person of the Year, Ian Watson – Coach of the Year and Jackie Russell – Volunteer of the Year,  all nominated and winners in the County British Tennis Awards 2018. 

Charlotte and Ian now go on to the Regional Awards – we wish them the best of luck. 

Here are the winners, alongside the Club Members who nominated them for the Awards, and a few of the words that were said about Charlotte and Ian:

“Charlotte has made a significant impact on tennis on the Isle of Man in the past 12 months.

Her successes on court have attracted a good amount of media attention during the year. This was at its peak when she won the Road to Wimbledon event at the All England Club during the summer 2018.”

“There is never a moment on court when Ian isn’t giving it his all, putting all his energy into whoever he is coaching, whether it is an individual lesson or a session with 15 other people.  He makes sure everyone has learnt something and comes off court feeling like they have achieved something.”

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By Pat Sharp – 6 February 2019

The presentation of Isle of Man County British Tennis Awards to Charlotte Clarke (Young Player of the Year) Ian Watson (Coach of the Year) and Jackie Russell (Volunteer of the Year) is scheduled for this Saturday at 2pm at the club. The three nominations have now gone forward to the Regional section – fingers crossed we get a winner there as well. They deserve it.

The new Albany Auxesia shirts in all junior sizes from age 5 to 13, are available for purchase for just £10. I will have them displayed on Saturday at the Mini Tennis Red sessions. Older juniors can contact me on 861497 or e-mail and I’ll arrange for them to be available.

Only two weeks to our annual Night at the Races and I’m hoping all members who have a Race sheet will return it to me BEFORE the night so that we are able to set up all prize money in advance. Supper orders need to be with Kirsten by 20th please.

Club Captain, Jackie Russell needs to know how many members are interested in playing in the IOMLTA Men’s or Women’s leagues, so that she can decide how many teams Albany enters. If you want to play,please contact her by e-mail  

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I hope you have all enjoyed the Winter break from League matches. It will soon be time to start thinking about the Summer Leagues 2019. It would be good to get four men’s teams and two women’s teams out again. I believe we have the committed players to do so.

The matches are due to take place from the beginning of April through to July 2019.

Could you please e-mail me or message me, to confirm your willingness and availability to play in the Summer League 2019 –

I look forward to hearing from you.

Many thanks.

Jackie Russell

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The WK Dale Cup was donated to the Club by Ken Dale in 1966, when he was Treasurer, with the purpose of rewarding annually, the Club member who the Committee thought had put in hard work on behalf of the Club, both on and off court.  Ken realised that in developing the Ballaughton site, members would be busy for many years off court, whilst still taking part on court.

At the end of last year, the Cup was presented to Clare Skelcher.  Clare has worked hard for the Club over the last 8 years, as a Committee member and Welfare Officer.  She has managed this alongside her family responsibilities and a full time job!  She has always helped out when she can, and has been a great ambassador of the Club, particularly at Club Sessions.  She has helped out in working parties countless times and has been a stalwart league team member.  She has been a Quiz Night winner (on more than one occasion) and a Quiz organiser, as well as an interior designer.  Clare has been a really valuable Committee member – always the voice of reason in meetings and always making sure that discussions are centred around the best interests of the members.  Furthermore, Clare agreed to take on the Child Protection (now Welfare) Officer role, when the LTA insisted the Club had someone in the role.  Many congratulations go to Clare!

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Don’t miss the excitement of the Races at Albany’s next Social Event!