IOMLTA Poker Stars Summer Mixed Tennis Leagues 2017

The IOMLTA Poker Stars Summer Mixed Tennis Leagues 2017 are coming to their conclusion, with just one or two matches left to play.  It has been an extremely close competition for the three Albany Teams, and it is really all down to the final matches to determine the League Champions, ahead of the IOMLTA Prize Presentation Night on Saturday 11 November at Albany LTC.

Thanks as always to our Captains – Alison King, Kirsten Hall and Karen Kelly.  Wishing you the best of luck in your final games!

DIVISION 1 – Team Captain Alison King

TO PLAY: Albany A v Douglas A – Monday 16 October

Albany A beat Castletown A 4-2. Sean Drewry/Laura Feely beat Craig Blackwell/Lucy Kerr 6-2 7-6. Ian Watson/Alison King drew with Rob Comber/Hannah Snidal 4-6 7-5. Drewry/Feely beat Comber/Snidal 6-1. Watson/King lost to Blackwell/Kerr 3-6. WIN

Albany A beat Castletown B 6-0. Ian Watson/Alison King beat Richard Kerr/Méjeaan Brümmer 6-0 6-1. Garreth Roome/Charlotte Clarke beat Tim Woakes/Nicola Skillicorn 6-1 6-2. Watson/King beat Woakes/Skillicorn 6-1. Roome/Clarke beat Kerr/Brümmer 6-0. WIN

Douglas A lost to Albany A 2-4. Karen Faragher/Steph Joyce lost to Sean Drewry/Laura Feely 5-7 2-6. Stephen Falconer/Seraphina Batty drew with David Bufton/Alison King 3-6 6-3. Faragher/Joyce beat Bufton/King 6-0. Falconer/Batty lost to Drewry/Feely 0-6. WIN

Crowe Clark Whitehill Castletown A beat Albany A 4-2. Craig Blackwell/Lucy Kerr lost to Sean Drewry/Laura Feely 1-6 3-6. Rob Comber/Hannah Snidal beat Jim Travers/Sarah Breed 6-3 6-4. Blackwell/Kerr beat Travers/Breed 6-3. Comber/Snidal beat Drewry/Feely 6-4. LOST

Castletown B lost to Albany A 1-5. Richard Kerr/Justine Torry lost to Sean Drewry/Laura Feely 0-6 0-6. Neil Ronan/Nicola Skillicorn drew with Ian Watson/Alison King 6-3 6-7. Kerr/Torry lost to Watson/King 3-6. Ronan/Skillicorn lost to Drewry/Feely 2-6. WIN


DIVISION 2 – Team Captain Kirsten Hall

TO PLAY: Albany B v Castletown C – Thursday 26 October

Albany B beat Castletown D 6-0. Tim Davies/Charlotte Clarke beat Karen Murphy/Scott Mason 6-0 6-0. Stuart Colligon/Kirsten Hall beat Alejandro Perez/Barbie Carter 6-3 6-2. Davies/Clarke beat Perez/Carter 6-1. Colligon/Hall beat Murphy/Mason 6-0. WIN

Albany B drew with Douglas B 3-3. Garreth Roome/Charlotte Clarke beat Efren Cagadas/Tania Thomas 6-0 6-2. Paul Reid/Kirsten Hall lost to Victor Pacaco/Linda Faragher 4-6 3-6. Roome/Clarke beat Pacaco/Faragher 7-5. Reid/Hall lost to Cagadas/Thomas 3-6. DRAW

Castletown D lost to Albany B 2-4. Alejandro Perez/Caroline Davies drew with Tim Davies/Charlotte Clarke 4-6 6-4. Neil Watterson/Carole Ennett drew with Garreth Roome/Kath Kermode 2-6 6-4. Perez/C Davies lost to Roome/Kermode 1-6. Watterson/Ennett lost to T Davies/Clarke 3-6  WIN

Castletown C drew with Albany B 3-3. Mark Young/Kirree Ronan lost to Tim Davies/Charlotte Clarke 2-6 3-6. Luca Simmons/Sarah Goldie drew with Stuart Colligon/Kirsten Hall 6-2 1-6. Young/Ronan beat Colligon/Hall 6-0. Simmons/Goldie beat Davies/Clarke 6-4. DRAW

Douglas B drew with Albany B 3-3. Victor Pacaco/Tania Thomas drew with Garreth Roome/Kath Kermode 2-6 6-2. Andy Murray/Linda Faragher beat Stuart Colligon/Lisa Horsfall 6-1 6-2. Pacaco/Thomas lost to Colligon/Horsfall 2-6. Murray/Faragher lost to Roome/Kermode 1-6. DRAW


Div 4: Team Captain Karen Kelly

TO PLAY: Albany C v Ramsey B – Wednesday 18 October

TO PLAY: Albany C v Castletown E – Thursday 19 October

Ramsey B drew with Albany C 3-3. Nerijus Gricevicius/Amelia Hart drew with Jayden Go/Ailish Kelly 6-7 6- 4. Kevin Drewry/Alison Hart drew with Danny Murray/Jackie Russell 4-6 6-0. Gricevicius/Amelia Hart beat Murray/Russell 6-1. Drewry/Alison Hart lost to Go/Kelly 0-6. DRAW

Castletown E lost to Albany C 0-6. Ron Ronan/Karen Murphy lost to Roch Mirski/Ailish Kelly 2-6 0-6. Yanchun Wang/Jessica Haupt lost to Jayden Go/Jackie Russell 0-6 0-6. Ronan/Murphy lost to Go/Russell 2-6. Wang/Haupt lost to Mirski/Kelly 2-6. WIN

Castletown E lost to Albany C 2-4. Yanchun Wang/Barbie Carter lost to Robby Orr/Jackie Russell 1-6 2-6. Will Watterson/Karen Murphy drew with Chris Reynolds/Clare Skelcher-Maxwell 6-4 3-6. Wang/Carter lost to Reynolds/Skelcher-Maxwell 4-6. Watterson/Murphy beat Orr/Russell 7-5. WIN

Albany C drew with Ramsey B 3-3. Jayden Go/Katsuyo Yamazaki beat Nerijus Gricevicius/Alison Hart 6-1 6-3. Danny Murray/Clare Skelcher-Maxwell lost to Kevin Drewry/Sally Broadhead 2-6 3-6. Go/Yamazaki beat Drewry/Broadhead 6-1. Murray/Skelcher-Maxwell lost to Gricevicius/Hart 1-6. DRAW




The Albany Summer League Teams win 3 out of a possible 6 League Titles – notably winning both Divisions in the Women’s Leagues!

Men’s Division 1 – Albany A won – Congratulations to Ian (Captain), Jamie, Jim, Sean and Adam.

Well done to the Albany B Team in Division 1 – Tim (Captain), Rob , Paul, Sasha, Garreth, Sam, Stuart, Peter, Adam, David and Alistair.

Well done to the Albany C Team in Division 2- Robby (Captain), Stuart , Rob, Chris, Jayden, Garreth, Roch and Paul.

Well done to the Albany D Team in Division 4 – Yannis (Captain), Jayden, Marc, Anthony, Danny, Pawel, Bryan and Alan

Women’s Division 1 – Albany A won – Congratulations to Jane (Captain), Alison, Charlotte, Katsuyo, Kath, Trish, Kirsten, Sarah, Laura and Katie.

Women’s Division 2 – Albany B won – Congratulations to Jackie (Captain), Kirsten, Charlotte, Trish, Katsuyo, Kath, Jane, Lisa and Clare.

Well done to our youngest player Charlotte who played the most matches during the Summer Leagues – a grand total of 8!!


League Results to date.  The Women’s teams doing better than the Men in the first half of the season, but plenty of matches yet to be played.  Our Men’s A team are yet to play a match!

Last two fixtures before the TT break are the Women’s B team at home tonight v Douglas B, and the Men’s C team at home tomorrow v Douglas A – both likely to be closely fought matches!

Well done to everyone who has taken part and thank you to all those who have supported the Leagues this season, especially our Captains – Ian, Tim, Robby, Yannis, Jane and Jackie.

Tuesday 18 April 6.30 Ramsey A v Albany C 5 – 1
Wednesday 19 April (W) 7.00 Albany B v Douglas B  
Thursday 20 April 7.00 Albany D v Ramsey B 0 – 6
Wednesday 26 April 7.00 Albany B v Albany A  
Tuesday 2 May 6.30 Castletown A v Albany B 5 – 1
Thursday 4 May 7.00 Albany C v Douglas B 2 – 4
Thursday 4 May 6.30 Ramsey B v Albany D 6 – 0
Monday 8 May (W) 6.30 Ramsey A v Albany B 2 – 4
Monday 15 May 7.00 Albany A v Castletown B  
Monday 15 May (W) 6.30 Castletown B v Albany A  
Wednesday 17 May (W) 6.30 Castletown C v Albany B 0 – 6
Monday 22 May 6.30 Castletown D v Albany D 6 – 0
Monday 22 May (W) 7.00 Albany A v Douglas A 1 – 5
Wed 24 May (Rescheduled) (W) 7.00 Albany B v Douglas B  
Thursday 25 May 7.00 Albany C v Douglas A  


RESULTS from this week’s Fixtures:

Tuesday 18 April 6.30 – Away – Ramsey A v Albany C Men: Lost 5 – 1
Wednesday 19 April 7.00 – Home – Albany B Women v Douglas B: Match abandoned due to rain!!
Thursday 20 April 7.00 – Home – Albany D Men v Ramsey B: Lost 0 – 6

It may not be our best start – but we can only get better!

FIXTURES coming up:

Wednesday 26 April 7.00 – HOME – Albany B v Albany A Men

Tuesday 2 May 6.30 – AWAY – Castletown A v Albany B Men
Thursday 4 May 7.00 – HOME – Albany C Men v Douglas B
Thursday 4 May 6.30 – AWAY – Ramsey B v Albany D Men

Good luck to everyone!


On Tuesday the club arranged presentations to four of it’s members, Sean Drewry, Laura Feely, Elena and Hannah Snidal, who have been selected for the IOM Tennis team to play in the Nat West Island Games in Gotland (Sweden) in June.  The presentations were made by Peter Gallagher of Tower Insurance and Steve Christian on behalf of Equiom. The club is very grateful to them for their donations. We realised this was going to be an expensive trip for our young members and with the support of two of our constant sponsors Equiom (IOM) Ltd and Tower Insurance (Isle of Man) Ltd we were able to give each player a cheque for £100 towards their expenses and a sponsored T shirt. One of the players Katie Harris (17) had to return to Loughborough College on Monday so club President Bryan Sharp gave Katie her sponsorship. We will of course be saying “Goodbye” to Katie in September when she departs on her 4 year tennis scholarship in Arkansas, USA.. The players were also given T shirts with the sponsors name on and Equiom pens for writing their postcards from Gotland.


Thank you to Equiom for sponsorship Albany’s Island Games Team members
Thank you to Tower Insurance for sponsoring Albany’s Island Games Team members

More success for Albany members in the UK. Sean Drewry was just back from playing in the North of England Championships (Grade 3) where he won 3 matches to reach the final before losing to the top seed. He then played another Grade 3 event in Hull where he reached the qtr finals of the men’s Singles but then teamed up with Chris Jeffrey to win the Men’s Doubles beating the top seeds in the final with a 13-11 Champions tie-break. Well done Sean – some good match practice for the Island Games.


Chrystals Senior Open Tournament – entry forms are now available at the club and have also been e-mailed to members and other clubs. The format is progressive based on your rating – juniors playing yellow ball are also welcome as they would play in a lower group with the chance to progress. The winner’s prize in the top group is £50 and £30 for the runner-up, so this is an event worth entering. All finalists will receive an engraved medal. Send your form to Entry Secretary, Ballabreck, South Cape, Laxey, IM4 7BY, e-mail to or “post” in the club white post box. Early entries would be greatly appreciated.


Saturday coaching will re-start on 29 April so I look forward to seeing you all.


More news on our juniors  playing in UK, though this time it’s Sarah Long (11) playing in Jersey, at The Ceasarean Tennis Club. Sarah had an excellent tournament  ending up r/up in the BNP Parisbas Easter Junior Open Girl’s 12 & under singles. Her scores were : Bt Annabelle Lucas-Villare 6/3 6/3, bt Maddy Gott 7/5 6/0, Elisa Duvigneau 6/1 6/0 before losing 1/6 2/6 to Channel Islands U12 no.1 Ingrid Marsh. Meanwhile Orry Farnworth (9) has been playing in Leicester where he won 2 green ball matches and lost 2. In Surrey he lost in the final and was then playing in Draycott. No scores received yet but it’s good that the youngsters are keen to test their skills off the island.


We also have 5 members who will be testing their ability to compete with high standard players in the Island Games in the beautiful island of Gotland, off the coast of Sweden. They are Laura Feely, Katie Harris, Sean Drewry plus  Elena &, Hannah Snidal (who are also members of Castletown)  Next Tuesday they will have an official presentation of support from the club and 2 sponsors – Equiom(IOM) Ltd and Tower Insurance (Isle of Man) Limited

So that all the Island Games tennis team can have some extra match practice, Albany, has this year moved the date of the Chrystals Senior Open so that it is prior to The Games. This event will be held from 6 – 14 May. Entry forms will be available at the club from this weekend and will also be e-mailed to members plus the other island clubs. So lets have a big entry – there are cash prizes – and test the “chosen few”!. Entries can be e-mailed to me at; posted in the club’s white box or posted to the Entry Secretary, Ballabreck, South Cape, LAXEY, IM4 7BY. Cheques payable to Albany LTC.


Note for all juniors – coaching will re-start at usual times when you go back to school. However you are welcome to make up a four and play during the holidays. There will be a group of green ball players at the club next Wednesday from 11.30am.


My word it’s been a busy week for Albany the start of the “season” ie from April it’s as though everyone wakes up and starts playing.

The first junior tournament of the season ended on Saturday with some very good tennis played by all age groups. It was good to see some of the under 8s playing in their first tournament. The last match of the day was a high quality 12 & under singles between Roch Mirski and Charlotte Clarke which Roch eventually won with a Champions tie-break 10-8. This match was watched by Chris Watterson of Nedgroup Investments (IOM) Ltd who then presented the prizes on behalf of the sponsors. Thank you to Jan and some parents who provided the usual Finals Day tea for a group of hungry juniors. Nedgroup have agreed to continue sponsoring this event for 2018. Thank you to Garreth Roome, Jim Travers who assisted Bryan Sharp as referee. Juniors please note that our weekly coaching session’s stop during the Easter break and will restart on Monday 24 April.  Results: Girls U8 – winner Sophie Christian, r/up Hannah Soliven; Boys U8 winner Ryan Colquitt, r/up Nicholas Wilson; Girls U9 winner Annelise Mellor, r/up Holly Roberts; Boys U9 winner Orry Farnworth, r/up Jared Shepherd; U10 Mixed – winner Orry Farnworth, r/up Henry Davies; U12 Mixed winner Roch Mirski, r/up Jayden Go; U18 Mixed winner Roch Mirski, r/up Jack Christian. Best performance award went to Roch Mirski. ( Photo of prize winners)

 Last Friday evening the club ran a very successful Quiz Night with difficult, and fun questions set by Jackie Russell and Clare Skelcher. The eventual winners were “Totes Inappropes”, r/u “Past, Present and Future” and  with Del’s Beauties winning the “Lemon” prize. Thanks to everyone who donated raffle prizes and  Jan who organised the draw. Profit on the evening is just over £200 which will go towards the re-decorating and new carpet for the lounge. Anyone have any new ideas for fund raising please contact me – does anyone fancy running a car boot sale.

Congratulations to our Mixed Doubles A team on winning the Winter League Div 1. Their final win was a 6-0 win at Castletown. Well done to all players that have featured during a difficult season weather-wise. The summer league gets under way week beginning 17 April – Good Luck everyone.

Albany is again running a British Heart Foundation tournament – on Tuesday 16 May with a 9.30am start. It’s £10 to enter and should finish by 1pm. Refreshments will be provided. Contact Bridget Stewart ( to enter) or just come and watch and support the event.  Funds raised will go towards equipment for the IOM Cardiac Department at Nobles Hospital.

Forms will be available shortly for the Annual Chrystals Senior Open tournament – 6 – 14 May. This date was specifically fixed to enable the IOM tennis team to gain additional match practice before travelling to the beautiful island, Gotland. So we look forward to welcoming them at the club and will need a good entry to test them! Five Albany members are in the team and a presentation of the club’s support for them will be made in late April or early May. Congratulations to Katie Harris who is just back from the USA having accepted a tennis scholarship Arkansas Tech. Meanwhile brother Billy is playing Futures events in Portugal.


The Summer League matches are due to start this week. We have 4 Albany Mens Teams and 2 Albany Womens Teams taking part over the next 17 weeks!!

Good Luck to everyone!

Fixtures this week:

Tuesday 18 April 6.30 – Away – Ramsey A v Albany C Men

Wednesday 19 April 7.00 – Home – Albany B Women v Douglas B

Thursday 20 April 7.00 – Home – Albany D Men v Ramsey B



Saturday 25 March 2017   Castletown A v Albany A    1.00pm  AWAY

Team:  Andy, Jim, Laura & Sarah

A WIN for Albany A – 6 Sets : 0 Sets – CONGRATULATIONS!

British Heart Foundation Tournament at Albany Tennis Club on Tuesday 16th May

Calling all Albany Tennis Players!
It’s that time of year again!
British Heart Foundation Tournament at Albany Tennis Club, Tuesday 16th May, 9.30am start, £10 to enter, should finish by 1pm. Refreshments provided.
Please respond to confirm if you can or can’t participate. It’s for a very worthwhile cause, we are raising funds to provide equipment for the IOM Cardiac Department at the Hospital.
We can only have a maximum number of Players, so it’s on a 1st come 1st serve basis! We will have a reserve list in case anyone drops out!
Ian has very kindly agreed to run the Tournament for us again this year.
It’s a morning of social tennis and fun, please join us!
Please reply to Bridget by email
Many thanks.

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