Albany News – 30th August 2018

by Pat Sharp

First some re-arranged dates – the annual President’s Day – Senior/ Junior tournament will be played on Sunday 7 October starting at 2.30pm (sign in by 2.15pm). This is a yellow ball event. There will be a draw for partners and each senior will play with a junior. Seniors only have a 1stserve, juniors who have played regular league tennis will play as “seniors”. The first stage will be played as round robin stages and champions tie-breaks. Knock out and place play-offs between 4pm and 5pm

Prize presentation 5.30pm followed by FOOD.

Entry forms will be in the clubhouse or enter by e-mail  Entry fee – Seniors £3 and juniors £2.

The club Closed Championships will be held over two weekends – seniors 15 and 16 September and juniors 22 and 23 September. Forms available shortly or enter by e-mail

The re-arranged Equiom Junior Open is now from 13 October to 20 October. More details later.

Some of our players had success in the Ramsey Town Cup last week with Charlotte Clarke winning Women’s singles and Sarah Long runner-up and as partners they won the Women’s Doubles. Sean Drewry won the men’s singles with Nerius Gricevicius runner-up. Nerius was also runner-up in the men’s and mixed doubles

Junior club coaching will re-commence on Saturday 6thSeptember with Red ball at 12noon and 1pm, then other squads from Monday 8thincluding Orange ball Tuesdays from 5.30pm and Wednesdays from 4.30pm.  If you wish to take part or are not sure of the time you should attend please contact the club coach by e-mail

Albany News 23rd August 2018

by Pat Sharp

Well what a week that was for Manx tennis and 4 juniors from our club.

The winners of IOM Road to Wimbledon – Charlotte Clarke (13) and Roch Mirski (13) played all week in the county round robin with both qualifying for the knockout stages. Charlotte was 1stin her group and Roch 2ndin his. This was a first for the Isle of Man.

Then on to the knock-out stage with 32 players left in the girls and boys events. Results for Charlotte were:

bt Isobel Le Clerc (Durham) 6/2 6/0;

bt Annemiek Sterk (N Scotland) 6/4 6/3 in qtr final;

s/final bt Maialen Idiakez (Leicester) 6/1 6/0

…and so to the final on Friday. She was understandably nervous but so was her opponent Jemma Cave (Cheshire). However, Charlotte is a “tough cookie” and is playing good tennis to win this year’s Road to Wimbledon Girls 14 & under singles 6/4 6/3. Such an achievement and she will now play in the Regional event next year. She is so grateful to all her sponsors who gave her the chance to gain match experience in the UK and toughened her up for the harder matches.

Meanwhile Roch was playing well in some tough matches. Results:

2ndrnd. Beat Harry Tweed (Durham) 7/5 6/1;

qtr final bt Bosco La I Ching Chung (Lancs) 7/5 6/1.

In the s/final Roch, despite playing some good tennis, lost to Joseph Logan (W Scot.) 6/1 6/3. Joseph was the eventual Champion.

The whole week has been filled with e-mails, text messages, photos and phone calls back and forth. Such an exciting week for Manx tennis and something that can be built on for the future. Our younger juniors can really see what can be achieved with hard work and dedication. I think both players seem to live at Albany’s Ballaughton Meadows courts!

Club coach, Ian Watson, must take credit for these results – his inspiration and dedication to both players and the rest of the club’s juniors plus their hard work has brought these results and will bring similar results in the future.

Also at Wimbledon were the Isle of Man runners-up Sarah Long (12) and Jayden Go (13), both of Albany, who had a day’s coaching with the runners-up from all the counties which was run by Tim Henman. Jayden and Sarah said they really enjoyed the experience and are sure they have learned a lot.  SEE PICTURES HERE

A Reminder that the Summer Camps are starting next week. These are Red Ball for children aged 8yrs and under:  Tuesday 28 August 9.30am to 11am; Thursday 30th9.30am to 11am; Monday 3 September 9.30am to 11am.

There are also some sessions for Orange (players aged 9yrs) and Green ball players (aged 10yrs) on Tuesday 28 August 1pm – 3pm, Thursday 30 August 1pm – 3pm; Monday 3 September 1pm – 3pm.

All these sessions are £5 per day. There are two sessions for yellow ball players (aged 11 – 13 yrs.) on Wednesday 29 August and Tuesday 4 September from 1pm – 4pm. These sessions are £8 each. To book a place

Albany News 15th August 2018

by Pat Sharp

Charlotte and Roch have success at Wimbledon !

Great news reached me on Wednesday – Charlotte Clarke (13), representing the Isle of Man in the Road to Wimbledon, 14 & Under Girls had won all three of her round robin matches on Monday and Tuesday with impressive scores 6/0 6/1, 6/3 6/4 and 6/0 6/0. She had a bye in the 1stround of the main Draw, then went on to win her 2ndround match beating Isobel Le Clerc (Durham|) 6/2 6/0 on Wednesday.  Obtaining sponsorship from several companies and individuals for travel has enabled her to gain valuable match experience and she and her parents are extremely grateful for this support.

Meanwhile Roch Mirski (13), playing in the 14 & Under Boys singles was runner-up in his round robin group, so moved in to the knock out stages. He received a bye in the 1stround and beat Harry Tweed (Durham) 7/5 6/1 in the 2ndround. So well done Roch – you and Charlotte are doing Albany proud. Roch is also playing boys doubles with Xingchen Cao (Oxford).

We also have Sarah Long (12) and Jayden Go (13) spending time at Wimbledon where they are having coaching. They will all surely have lots of tales to tell. If anyone knows a company that might sponsor any of these 4 players, please contact me – tel. 861497 or e-mail

Sponsorship is a major form of support for sport these days. It comes in various forms – the banners in the indoor court keep the cost of the court hire (with lights) down to a minimum and we have room for at least five more banners. Support of our juniors travelling to the UK or beyond helps them to become better players. Club Coach Ian Watson, would like some financial help to take an Albany Junior Squad to UK tournaments. So, if anyone can help I’m happy to talk to them or any companies.

Members have been informed, by e-mail, that the scheduled court painting has had to be postponed until late Spring, due to un-foreseen circumstances. For those who don’t read e-mails play on the outdoor courts is available as usual.


UPDATE: Both Roch and Charlotte won further matches to get into their respective semi-finals.  And we’ve just heard today (17thAug) that Charlotte has made it through to her final!!!  Good luck Charlotte!

Albany News 10th August 2018

by Pat Sharp

Albany retained the Todmorden Shield on Sunday which was this year hosted by Castletown TC.

Albany’s Todmorden Champions 2018 !

We fielded a strong team: Ian Watson (Capt.) Jamie Teare, Sean Drewry and Jim Travers for the men and Laure Feely, Charlotte Clarke, Kirsten Hall and Alison Parker for the women. Sadly, Ramsey couldn’t field a women’s team and as the competition is based on games won, not sets, this made quite a difference to the scores. Albany won 71 games, Castletown 47 and Ramsey 4. The trophy was presented to Ian by Richard Kerr of Castletown. David Wilkinson did a great job keeping all the scores up to date. Thanks to Castletown for their hospitality and next year this event which was first played for in 1972, will be played at Ramsey.





With children off school for the summer may I please remind parents that children who are Mini Tennis members and juniors under 13 yrs old must not be left playing at the club unattended by an adult.

The Children of Chernobyl with HE Lieutenant Governor Richard Gozeny


Some of us attended the Farewell Party for the Children of Chernobyl at the Legion Club last Wednesday and had a great time. The 16 children sang various songs – their English is quite good, we had a supper of curry or sausage and beef burgers and chips – ideal for children before they return to the austerity of Belarus. They have all had a fantastic month’s holiday and returned home on Sunday. Albany Friday Ladies and Ian and his coaching assistants have all agreed to welcome them to the club next year. If any members wish to be involved, please let me ( or Jan Gaskill ( know.

Albany News 28th March 2018

by Pat Sharp

Nedgroup Junior Open Finals

At last we were blessed with lovely weather which meant all matches scheduled for the outdoor courts went ahead in the SUN! The 8 & under was played indoors and the final, watched by Simon Spencer (Nedgroup IOM Ltd), was a super match between Magnus Benson (6) and Advath Malikreddy (7) with Adi eventually winning 7-10,10-8, 8-7.  The skill these youngsters showed will turn them in to good players on the full court as they get older.


8 & under

Magnus & Advath

R/robin Group A:  winner Advath Malikreddy 40 pts, r/up Harry Leigh 36 pts; Group B winner: Magnus Benson 30 pts, r/up Abigail Cowell 29pts

Semi finals: Adi bt Abigail 10-2, Magnus bt Henry 10-4;

10 & under

Winner: Orry Farnworth, r/up Greg Kelly;

12 & under

Q/finals: Greg Kelly bt Henry Davies 4/2 5/4, Orry Farnworth bt Lucas Harding 4/0 4/1, Sarah Long bt Cameron Roome 4/0 4/0

S/finals Charlotte Clarke bt Greg, Orry bt Sarah 4/0 5/4 (2);

Final Charlotte bt Orry 4/0 4/0;

18 & under

Q/finals: Jayden Go bt Aalish Kelly 6/0 6/0, Jack Christian bt Sarah Long 6/0 6/0, S/finals Roch Mirski bt Jayden 6/2 6/2, Jack bt Charlotte Clarke 1/6 6/4 (10-7)

Final Jack bt Roch 2/6 6/4 (10-8);

12 & under Doubles

Final: Orry Farnworth/Greg Kelly bt Cameron Roome/Lucas Harding 4/0 4/0;

18 & under Doubles

R/robin: Roch/Charlotte bt Jack/Natalia Gomez 6/1 6/1, Jayden/Aalish bt Jack Natalia 6/3 6/3, Final Roch/Charlotte bt Jayden/Aalish 6/2 6/3.

Prizes were presented by Simon Spencer. (See photo)




The ‘Team With No Name’

Quiz Night last Friday proved a real test for all with “The Team with No Name” i.e. Jackie, Colin & Robert Russell, Robby Orr, Claire Skelcher & Kirsten Hall and Andy Farnworth proving too brainy for the rest of us. R/up  was “Pharmacovigilantes” i.e. Debbie McHoul, Nikki Cleator, Aaron Bell and Michaela Muller.  The event raised £150 for the club’s maintenance funds. (see photo)


A reminder that the indoor court is to be professionally cleaned starting Monday 9 April from 9pm. Members will be advised as soon as the court is available again for play.


All mini and junior coaching ceases during the Easter school holiday and will re-start as from the first day back at school.


Auxesia Ltd., the club’s major sponsors, have renewed their support which is spread across coaching for mini and junior members, the Club Championships and the Autumn Junior Open. (see photo) The committee and members are very grateful to Stuart Colligon and his company for this support – it really does keep the cost of membership, coaching and tournament fees etc to a minimum. We have great facilities, but the running costs are high.

Talking of fees – renewals are due and discounts expire on 31st March.

Albany News 21st March 2018

by Pat Sharp

Nedgroup Junior Open – The continuing cold and windy weather disrupted last weekend’s programme of matches with only the 9 & under Mixed Singles being completed. It was just too windy on court.

Results so far 9 & under mixed singles r/robin:

Hannah Soliven bt Sonny Shipley Martin 10/5, bt Taylor Hodgson  10/8;

Noah Chambers bt Hannah Soliven 10/9, Taylor Hodgson 10/9;

Sonny Shipley Martin bt Noah Chambers 10/8, Taylor Hodgson 10/5.

All these players are fairly new to competition but showed a lot of skill on court. The 8 & under and 10 & under events will be played on Saturday (24th) – Finals Day with other age groups having been completed during the week.

This Friday 23rd March is the Annual Quiz Night and there is still room for one more team to enter. Contact Stuart Colligon by e-mail if you wish to enter and order your supper.

Charlotte Clarke, aged 12, competed last weekend in her first 14 & under girls’ tournament at the Bolton Arena. Charlotte has now started to compete in the next age group and it was a challenging start. This did not deter her playing against girls all ranked higher than her and out of four games managed to come away with a win. This has given Charlotte insight into her next two years of competition and she is very determined to work even harder. She wishes to thank Nedbank Private Wealth for supporting her in this tournament.

Now that our lounge has been re-carpeted and decorated it is proving very popular for other organisations to book it for meetings, courses etc. Also, members book it for children’s tennis birthday parties. A new venture is Yoga classes which commence after Easter. Monday evenings – from 9th to April 25th June 7.15pm – 8.30pm. This excludes TT fortnight (28th May & 4th June). There are also classes on Thursday commencing 12th April – 28th June at 2pm – 3.15pm. The club has an excellent facility and it’s great to see it being used more. Further enquiries for bookings please contact or .



Albany News 15th March 2018

by Pat Sharp

Mini Tennis members please note that on Saturday, at the change over from the 12pm and 1pm groups we will be taking a photo for our Junior & Mini Tennis sponsor – Auxesia Ltd. BOTH groups will be in the photo. Also, if Orange and Green ball players are at the club they will be included. If you already have an Auxesia sponsored shirt PLEASE wear it. If yours is too small bring it and perhaps I can swap yours with a new bigger one for £5. Anyone who doesn’t have a shirt I do have some which are £10. I want to see as many as possible in Auxesia shirts – not football shirts this week please. This photo will be on facebook, Auxesia’s website and Albany’s website – please help us to make a really good photo. The last time we did this in 2016 it was a great photo.

The Nedgroup Junior Open tournament commences on Saturday with Orange ball matches from 10am and Green ball matches starting at 2pm. All players should now have their 1st match times.

It is renewal time again and this is to inform you that your application form is in the club house. Please collect it as the cost of postage is high and it will save the club a significant amount of money. As you may remember, to get the discount payment must be made by 31st March 2018.

Enclosed in the envelope is another form which we now ask you to sign to meet with new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations), which come into force very soon.  If we do not receive one of these from you (one for each member please, not one per family) we will not be able to use your contact details for any communications regarding club events, coaching, information & newsletters, indoor bookings or in an emergency.  It is, therefore, important that you send it back with your renewal form to – Mrs Jan Gaskill, 40 Ard Reayrt, Laxey IM4 7QP.  

Your co-operation in this matter will save the Membership Secretary a lot of administration and time.



Albany News 8th March 2018

by Pat Sharp

Already our club captain, Jackie Russell, is organising our teams for the summer men’s and women’s leagues. We have registered 4 men’s teams and selected the team captains – Albany A – Captain Ian Watson– home  Mondays; Albany B – Captain Tim Davies– home Wednesdays ; Albany C – Captain Robby Orr  home Thursdays;; Albany D  – Captain Yanni-Ioannis Xirotyris – home Thursdays. We have also registered two women’s teams – captains not selected yet but the Women’s A team will play home matches on Mondays and the B team on Wednesdays. If any members have not let Jackie know they are available please contact her soon by e-mail .

Club Chairman, Stuart Colligon is looking for entries for Quiz Night on Friday 23 March starting at 7pm. Usual fish or sausage and chip suppers. Teams of up to six please, and teams from other clubs would be made very welcome. E-mail your entry and supper order to Stuart at .

Unfortunately, the bad weather last weekend stopped Charlotte Clarke (12) travelling to Widnes for a tournament. However, she has been accepted in to a grade 3 (U14) event in Bolton on 17/18 March. This trip is sponsored by Nedbank Private Wealth.

Final reminder of the closing date for the Nedbank Junior Open is this Sunday 11 March at 5pm. You can e-mail or place entry form and fee in the white post box. Events are U8, U9, U10, U12 and U18. You’ve all been having lots of coaching now let’s see you put it in to practice. Oh! And apologies to those whose coaching was cancelled last weekend – it really was too cold in the indoor court. Now there’s an idea for the juniors – start fund raising to have the court lined for insulation!!

Wednesday 18 July is fixed for the visit of 16 children from Belarus – under the umbrella of the Friends of Children of Chernobyl. They will have 2hrs on court with club coach, Ian Watson and assistants and then have lunch in the club lounge. Norman Rivers, Chairman of the charity is travelling to Belarus later this month to make all the arrangements and he will be taking a quantity of knitted items which are intended for the younger siblings of those that will have the months holiday in the Isle of Man. Another batch of knitted items will be made and ready for them to take home and be used as Christmas presents.  If any members have any oddments of wool, preferably DK, that they have no use for please leave it in the kitchen for me.  The club website (news page) has a picture of the items that are being taken to Belarus this month.


from Pat Sharp

I’ve just finished a large parcel of knitting for Chernobyl children which Norman Rivers is taking when he travels there this month to fix details of this year’s visit.  I am starting another batch which Olga will take back in July for the visitors younger siblings.  Can I make a appeal for any spare wool which members might like to donate?  So far I have bought all the wool myself but it is getting costly. It’s double knitting that I need.

Albany News 1st March 2018

by Pat Sharp

A reminder that our club coach, Ian Watson, is looking to have a good entry in the Nedgroup Junior Open tournament which starts on Saturday 17 March. Entries close on Sunday 11 March. Please put your entries in sooner rather than later so that he can start planning the programme.

You will have read last week that one of our juniors, Charlotte Clarke, has secured some sponsorship towards her travel costs whilst playing in UK tournaments.  Ian is hoping to take a junior squad to a tournament in the UK, but we will need to find a sponsor to help with travel costs. If you have any ideas, please contact Ian or me.

Thinking of sponsorship, I’m sure you will have noticed the banners in the indoor court. Fifteen companies have banners in the indoor court and I do hope members use their services – the companies cover a wide range of services from plumbing, finance or photography to hairdressing, buying a home, or legal services.

If you have a company and would like to join this happy band of sponsors, please contact me on 861497 (mob. 498597) or e-mail . You provide the banner and it costs just £150 per year’s rental. Less than £3 per week!!

We will be having the indoor court professionally cleaned in early April and we will need a working party to clear out all the chairs, coaching equipment etc.  The date for this isn’t fixed yet but you will all be notified when it is arranged.

Lucy Kerr, on behalf of the IOM LTA is hoping to send a IOM Women’s team to Eastbourne (grass courts) for the Over 35s Inter-County Tennis Competition from 3-5 August this year. At this stage she wants to hear from anyone, over the tender age of 35, who is interested in playing and available from 3-5 August.  Surely Albany can find a few players who would like to play at Eastbourne.  Anyone interested should contact Lucy before Friday 9 March, It is hoped to receive some funding from the LTA to help keep the costs to the minimum.  Please email Lucy Kerr on or call on 439192.