IOMLTA Poker Stars Summer Mixed Tennis Leagues 2017

The IOMLTA Poker Stars Summer Mixed Tennis Leagues 2017 are coming to their conclusion, with just one or two matches left to play.  It has been an extremely close competition for the three Albany Teams, and it is really all down to the final matches to determine the League Champions, ahead of the IOMLTA Prize Presentation Night on Saturday 11 November at Albany LTC.

Thanks as always to our Captains – Alison King, Kirsten Hall and Karen Kelly.  Wishing you the best of luck in your final games!

DIVISION 1 – Team Captain Alison King

TO PLAY: Albany A v Douglas A – Monday 16 October

Albany A beat Castletown A 4-2. Sean Drewry/Laura Feely beat Craig Blackwell/Lucy Kerr 6-2 7-6. Ian Watson/Alison King drew with Rob Comber/Hannah Snidal 4-6 7-5. Drewry/Feely beat Comber/Snidal 6-1. Watson/King lost to Blackwell/Kerr 3-6. WIN

Albany A beat Castletown B 6-0. Ian Watson/Alison King beat Richard Kerr/Méjeaan Brümmer 6-0 6-1. Garreth Roome/Charlotte Clarke beat Tim Woakes/Nicola Skillicorn 6-1 6-2. Watson/King beat Woakes/Skillicorn 6-1. Roome/Clarke beat Kerr/Brümmer 6-0. WIN

Douglas A lost to Albany A 2-4. Karen Faragher/Steph Joyce lost to Sean Drewry/Laura Feely 5-7 2-6. Stephen Falconer/Seraphina Batty drew with David Bufton/Alison King 3-6 6-3. Faragher/Joyce beat Bufton/King 6-0. Falconer/Batty lost to Drewry/Feely 0-6. WIN

Crowe Clark Whitehill Castletown A beat Albany A 4-2. Craig Blackwell/Lucy Kerr lost to Sean Drewry/Laura Feely 1-6 3-6. Rob Comber/Hannah Snidal beat Jim Travers/Sarah Breed 6-3 6-4. Blackwell/Kerr beat Travers/Breed 6-3. Comber/Snidal beat Drewry/Feely 6-4. LOST

Castletown B lost to Albany A 1-5. Richard Kerr/Justine Torry lost to Sean Drewry/Laura Feely 0-6 0-6. Neil Ronan/Nicola Skillicorn drew with Ian Watson/Alison King 6-3 6-7. Kerr/Torry lost to Watson/King 3-6. Ronan/Skillicorn lost to Drewry/Feely 2-6. WIN


DIVISION 2 – Team Captain Kirsten Hall

TO PLAY: Albany B v Castletown C – Thursday 26 October

Albany B beat Castletown D 6-0. Tim Davies/Charlotte Clarke beat Karen Murphy/Scott Mason 6-0 6-0. Stuart Colligon/Kirsten Hall beat Alejandro Perez/Barbie Carter 6-3 6-2. Davies/Clarke beat Perez/Carter 6-1. Colligon/Hall beat Murphy/Mason 6-0. WIN

Albany B drew with Douglas B 3-3. Garreth Roome/Charlotte Clarke beat Efren Cagadas/Tania Thomas 6-0 6-2. Paul Reid/Kirsten Hall lost to Victor Pacaco/Linda Faragher 4-6 3-6. Roome/Clarke beat Pacaco/Faragher 7-5. Reid/Hall lost to Cagadas/Thomas 3-6. DRAW

Castletown D lost to Albany B 2-4. Alejandro Perez/Caroline Davies drew with Tim Davies/Charlotte Clarke 4-6 6-4. Neil Watterson/Carole Ennett drew with Garreth Roome/Kath Kermode 2-6 6-4. Perez/C Davies lost to Roome/Kermode 1-6. Watterson/Ennett lost to T Davies/Clarke 3-6  WIN

Castletown C drew with Albany B 3-3. Mark Young/Kirree Ronan lost to Tim Davies/Charlotte Clarke 2-6 3-6. Luca Simmons/Sarah Goldie drew with Stuart Colligon/Kirsten Hall 6-2 1-6. Young/Ronan beat Colligon/Hall 6-0. Simmons/Goldie beat Davies/Clarke 6-4. DRAW

Douglas B drew with Albany B 3-3. Victor Pacaco/Tania Thomas drew with Garreth Roome/Kath Kermode 2-6 6-2. Andy Murray/Linda Faragher beat Stuart Colligon/Lisa Horsfall 6-1 6-2. Pacaco/Thomas lost to Colligon/Horsfall 2-6. Murray/Faragher lost to Roome/Kermode 1-6. DRAW


Div 4: Team Captain Karen Kelly

TO PLAY: Albany C v Ramsey B – Wednesday 18 October

TO PLAY: Albany C v Castletown E – Thursday 19 October

Ramsey B drew with Albany C 3-3. Nerijus Gricevicius/Amelia Hart drew with Jayden Go/Ailish Kelly 6-7 6- 4. Kevin Drewry/Alison Hart drew with Danny Murray/Jackie Russell 4-6 6-0. Gricevicius/Amelia Hart beat Murray/Russell 6-1. Drewry/Alison Hart lost to Go/Kelly 0-6. DRAW

Castletown E lost to Albany C 0-6. Ron Ronan/Karen Murphy lost to Roch Mirski/Ailish Kelly 2-6 0-6. Yanchun Wang/Jessica Haupt lost to Jayden Go/Jackie Russell 0-6 0-6. Ronan/Murphy lost to Go/Russell 2-6. Wang/Haupt lost to Mirski/Kelly 2-6. WIN

Castletown E lost to Albany C 2-4. Yanchun Wang/Barbie Carter lost to Robby Orr/Jackie Russell 1-6 2-6. Will Watterson/Karen Murphy drew with Chris Reynolds/Clare Skelcher-Maxwell 6-4 3-6. Wang/Carter lost to Reynolds/Skelcher-Maxwell 4-6. Watterson/Murphy beat Orr/Russell 7-5. WIN

Albany C drew with Ramsey B 3-3. Jayden Go/Katsuyo Yamazaki beat Nerijus Gricevicius/Alison Hart 6-1 6-3. Danny Murray/Clare Skelcher-Maxwell lost to Kevin Drewry/Sally Broadhead 2-6 3-6. Go/Yamazaki beat Drewry/Broadhead 6-1. Murray/Skelcher-Maxwell lost to Gricevicius/Hart 1-6. DRAW




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