Thursday, July 05, 2018 Jackie Russell League , News

As we approach the final week of matches in the Summer Leagues, I am delighted to be able to report that we have, so far, won three Leagues this Summer.

The Albany Ladies did a superb job of heading up the two Women’s Divisions, with Albany A winning Division 1 with a match still to play and Albany B winning Division 2 after playing the decider against the Ramsey Ladies.

So huge CONGRATULATIONS to the Women’s Albany A Team – Laura, Alison K, our newest recruit Alison P, Kath, Katie, our Junior Charlotte, Jane & another of our Juniors Aailish – Captained by Jackie Russell (non-playing, of course).  Final match to be played on Monday 9 July.

Also CONGRATULATIONS to our Albany B Team – non-playing Captain Karen Kelly and the team – Jane, Kirsten, Lisa, Aailish, Jackie, Kath and Katsuyo!

There has also been success in the Men’s Division 3, with the Albany C Team winning the Division, also with a match still to play.  CONGRATULATIONS – Stuart, Rob, Paul, Ben, Ian C, Roch, Jayden, and Captain Robby.  Final match to be played on Thursday 12 July

Results still to be announced in the Men’s Division 1 where the Albany A Team had some close matches against the Castletown and Douglas Teams.  Still to play their final matches are the Albany B Team and the Albany D Team.

It has been a successful Summer for the Albany Teams.  There have been a few struggles with availability and communication, but on the whole this is improving.  We will shortly be starting the Summer Leagues with only two teams.  It is always difficult to negotiate the Summer months, and already Kirsten has found a number of people unavailable for the first match in Division 1, so probably the right decision!  Good luck to all those taking part.

Jackie Russell (Club Captain)

Monday, April 02, 2018 Jackie Russell League , News

We are due to start the Summer Leagues next week:

There will be 4 Divisions in the Men’s League, and 2 Divisions in the Women’s League:

Men 1: Albany A, Castletown A, Castletown B, Douglas A (Captain – Ian Watson)
Men 2: Albany B, Castletown C, Douglas B, Ramsey A (Captain – Tim Davies)
Men 3: Albany C, Douglas C, Douglas D – (Captain – Robby Orr)
Men 4: Albany D, Douglas E, Port Erin A, Ramsey B (Captain – Yannis Xirotyris)

Women 1: Albany A, Castletown A, Douglas A (Captain – Jackie Russell)
Women 2: Albany B, Castletown B, Douglas B, Ramsey A (Captain – Karen Kelly)

Match Format is:
Pairs 1 play two standard tie-break sets against each other.
Pairs 2 play two standard tie-break sets against each other.
Each pair 1 plays opposite pair 2 one standard tie-break set.

League Organiser – Ron Sibthorpe, Tel: 628773 or 493239, E-Mail:

Club Captain – Jackie Russell, Tel: 414349, E-Mail:

Saturday, February 03, 2018 Jackie Russell League , News

It will soon be time to start thinking about the Summer Leagues 2018.  It would be good to get four men’s teams and two women’s teams out again.  I believe we have the committed players to do so.

The matches are due to take place from the beginning of April through to July 2018.

Could you please e-mail me to confirm your willingness and availability to play in the Summer League 2018 –  Many thanks.

Once we get an idea of who is interested we will also be looking for Captains to run the teams.  Last year I was very clear, no Captain, no team.  This is also the policy this year.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Saturday, February 03, 2018 Jackie Russell League

The Winter League is always a tricky one to negotiate, and this winter was no exception in Division 1.  With just three teams taking part – Douglas A, Albany A and Castletown A – each team was scheduled to play one of the opposing teams four times, thus giving eight fixtures per team.  Unfortunately Castletown A had to pull out of the League, as they were struggling to get players, leaving just Douglas and Albany.  Out of the three matches played – two were not fully completed due to weather conditions, but still scored points.  Albany A conceded their final match as they too were struggling with player availability!

Thank you Alison on a valiant effort organising the teams, and to everyone who took part in the matches.  The good news is that there will be no Winter League 2018/2019!

Albany A beat Douglas A 3-1. Garreth Roome/David Bufton drew with Stewart Swann/Steph Joyce 6-3 5-7. Charlotte Clarke/Alison King beat Tania Thomas/Seraphina Batty 7-5 6-4. The Mixed pairs matches were prevented by rain.

Douglas A beat Albany A 6-0. Stewart Swann/Steph Joyce beat David Bufton/Stuart Colligon 6-1 6-1. Karen Faragher/Seraphina Batty beat Charlotte Clarke/Jackie Russell 6-0 6-3. Swann/Faragher beat Bufton/Clarke 6-2. Joyce/Batty beat Colligon/Russell 6-1.

Albany A lost to Douglas A 1-3. Ian Watson/Garreth Roome drew with Stewart Swann/Steph Joyce 2-6 6-2. Charlotte Clarke/Kirsten Hall lost to Karen Faragher/Seraphina Batty 1-6 1-6. The Mixed Doubles sets could not be played as the courts became slippery.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018 Jackie Russell League , News

The IOMLTA Prize Presentation Night was held on Saturday 11 November at Albany, and it was great to see a good turn out of Albany League Players collecting their trophies and showing the strength and talent at Albany LTC. It has been a successful year (2016/17) with great commitment and momentum, winning 7 League Titles along with the Todmorden Cup.   Here are the final results of all the Teams:


Wednesday, January 24, 2018 Jackie Russell League , News

Last year we managed to entered three Teams in the Summer Mixed League. The weather definitely hindered progress for all the Teams / Leagues and the final matches were being played well into October!
So it’s congratulations to Karen Kelly and the Albany C Team who secured victory in their final game against the Ramsey B Team, and became Division 4 Champions. Well done to all those who played – Chris Reynolds, Jaden Go, Roch Mirski, Clare Skelcher, Aailish Kelly, Danny Murphy, Robby Orr, Katsuyo Yamazaki, Jackie Russell, and their non playing Captain – Karen Kelly.

Next to secure their title was the Albany B Team, captained by Kirsten Hall. Again it was down to the final game, which Castletown conceded giving Albany victory in Division 2. Well done to all those who played – Stuart Colligon, Garreth Roome, Charlotte Clarke, Tim Davies, Paul Reid, Kath Kermode, Lisa Horsfall, and their playing Captain – Kirsten Hall.

The last to play and secure victory were the A Team, captained by Alison King – once again it was all down to the final match, played on Monday 30 October. Well done to all those who played – Ian Watson, Laura Feely, Charlotte Clarke, Sean Drewry, Garreth Roome, Sarah Breed, Jim Travers, and their playing Captain – Alison King.

Well done to all the Teams, and especially our Captains – Karen, Kirsten and Alison for coping so well with the frustrating conditions!

The IOMLTA Supper and Prize Presentation Night was held on Saturday 11 November at Albany, and it was great to see a good turn out of Albany League Players collecting their trophies and showing the strength and talent at Albany LTC. It has been a successful year (2016/17) with great commitment and momentum, winning 7 League Titles along with the Todmorden Cup.

Please continue to do your best to support the Leagues and Captains, especially communicating your availability as early as possible.

Saturday, October 14, 2017 Jackie Russell League , News

The IOMLTA Poker Stars Summer Mixed Tennis Leagues 2017 are coming to their conclusion, with just one or two matches left to play.  It has been an extremely close competition for the three Albany Teams, and it is really all down to the final matches to determine the League Champions, ahead of the IOMLTA Prize Presentation Night on Saturday 11 November at Albany LTC.

Thanks as always to our Captains – Alison King, Kirsten Hall and Karen Kelly.  Wishing you the best of luck in your final games!

DIVISION 1 – Team Captain Alison King

TO PLAY: Albany A v Douglas A – Monday 16 October

Albany A beat Castletown A 4-2. Sean Drewry/Laura Feely beat Craig Blackwell/Lucy Kerr 6-2 7-6. Ian Watson/Alison King drew with Rob Comber/Hannah Snidal 4-6 7-5. Drewry/Feely beat Comber/Snidal 6-1. Watson/King lost to Blackwell/Kerr 3-6. WIN

Albany A beat Castletown B 6-0. Ian Watson/Alison King beat Richard Kerr/Méjeaan Brümmer 6-0 6-1. Garreth Roome/Charlotte Clarke beat Tim Woakes/Nicola Skillicorn 6-1 6-2. Watson/King beat Woakes/Skillicorn 6-1. Roome/Clarke beat Kerr/Brümmer 6-0. WIN

Douglas A lost to Albany A 2-4. Karen Faragher/Steph Joyce lost to Sean Drewry/Laura Feely 5-7 2-6. Stephen Falconer/Seraphina Batty drew with David Bufton/Alison King 3-6 6-3. Faragher/Joyce beat Bufton/King 6-0. Falconer/Batty lost to Drewry/Feely 0-6. WIN

Crowe Clark Whitehill Castletown A beat Albany A 4-2. Craig Blackwell/Lucy Kerr lost to Sean Drewry/Laura Feely 1-6 3-6. Rob Comber/Hannah Snidal beat Jim Travers/Sarah Breed 6-3 6-4. Blackwell/Kerr beat Travers/Breed 6-3. Comber/Snidal beat Drewry/Feely 6-4. LOST

Castletown B lost to Albany A 1-5. Richard Kerr/Justine Torry lost to Sean Drewry/Laura Feely 0-6 0-6. Neil Ronan/Nicola Skillicorn drew with Ian Watson/Alison King 6-3 6-7. Kerr/Torry lost to Watson/King 3-6. Ronan/Skillicorn lost to Drewry/Feely 2-6. WIN


DIVISION 2 – Team Captain Kirsten Hall

TO PLAY: Albany B v Castletown C – Thursday 26 October

Albany B beat Castletown D 6-0. Tim Davies/Charlotte Clarke beat Karen Murphy/Scott Mason 6-0 6-0. Stuart Colligon/Kirsten Hall beat Alejandro Perez/Barbie Carter 6-3 6-2. Davies/Clarke beat Perez/Carter 6-1. Colligon/Hall beat Murphy/Mason 6-0. WIN

Albany B drew with Douglas B 3-3. Garreth Roome/Charlotte Clarke beat Efren Cagadas/Tania Thomas 6-0 6-2. Paul Reid/Kirsten Hall lost to Victor Pacaco/Linda Faragher 4-6 3-6. Roome/Clarke beat Pacaco/Faragher 7-5. Reid/Hall lost to Cagadas/Thomas 3-6. DRAW

Castletown D lost to Albany B 2-4. Alejandro Perez/Caroline Davies drew with Tim Davies/Charlotte Clarke 4-6 6-4. Neil Watterson/Carole Ennett drew with Garreth Roome/Kath Kermode 2-6 6-4. Perez/C Davies lost to Roome/Kermode 1-6. Watterson/Ennett lost to T Davies/Clarke 3-6  WIN

Castletown C drew with Albany B 3-3. Mark Young/Kirree Ronan lost to Tim Davies/Charlotte Clarke 2-6 3-6. Luca Simmons/Sarah Goldie drew with Stuart Colligon/Kirsten Hall 6-2 1-6. Young/Ronan beat Colligon/Hall 6-0. Simmons/Goldie beat Davies/Clarke 6-4. DRAW

Douglas B drew with Albany B 3-3. Victor Pacaco/Tania Thomas drew with Garreth Roome/Kath Kermode 2-6 6-2. Andy Murray/Linda Faragher beat Stuart Colligon/Lisa Horsfall 6-1 6-2. Pacaco/Thomas lost to Colligon/Horsfall 2-6. Murray/Faragher lost to Roome/Kermode 1-6. DRAW


Div 4: Team Captain Karen Kelly

TO PLAY: Albany C v Ramsey B – Wednesday 18 October

TO PLAY: Albany C v Castletown E – Thursday 19 October

Ramsey B drew with Albany C 3-3. Nerijus Gricevicius/Amelia Hart drew with Jayden Go/Ailish Kelly 6-7 6- 4. Kevin Drewry/Alison Hart drew with Danny Murray/Jackie Russell 4-6 6-0. Gricevicius/Amelia Hart beat Murray/Russell 6-1. Drewry/Alison Hart lost to Go/Kelly 0-6. DRAW

Castletown E lost to Albany C 0-6. Ron Ronan/Karen Murphy lost to Roch Mirski/Ailish Kelly 2-6 0-6. Yanchun Wang/Jessica Haupt lost to Jayden Go/Jackie Russell 0-6 0-6. Ronan/Murphy lost to Go/Russell 2-6. Wang/Haupt lost to Mirski/Kelly 2-6. WIN

Castletown E lost to Albany C 2-4. Yanchun Wang/Barbie Carter lost to Robby Orr/Jackie Russell 1-6 2-6. Will Watterson/Karen Murphy drew with Chris Reynolds/Clare Skelcher-Maxwell 6-4 3-6. Wang/Carter lost to Reynolds/Skelcher-Maxwell 4-6. Watterson/Murphy beat Orr/Russell 7-5. WIN

Albany C drew with Ramsey B 3-3. Jayden Go/Katsuyo Yamazaki beat Nerijus Gricevicius/Alison Hart 6-1 6-3. Danny Murray/Clare Skelcher-Maxwell lost to Kevin Drewry/Sally Broadhead 2-6 3-6. Go/Yamazaki beat Drewry/Broadhead 6-1. Murray/Skelcher-Maxwell lost to Gricevicius/Hart 1-6. DRAW