DEADLINE:  23rd February!

CLICK HERE to Opt In for the Ballot for Wimbledon 2018 Tickets, and choose “BTM Affiliate”.

ALL members aged 9 and over are eligible.

Reasons for opting in:

  1. You CANNOT get Wimbledon tickets if you have not opted in
  2. Wimbledon tickets are won in pairs, and are the same tickets regardless of whether a Mini, a Junior or a Senior opts in
  3. Even if you have no intention of going to Wimbledon PLEASE STILL OPT IN – the more Albany members that opt in, the more Wimbledon tickets we will be allocated overall.
  4. Opting in creates NO commitment or obligation to go to Wimbledon or to purchase any tickets.

Please make sure that you have Albany Lawn Tennis Club listed as your venue (see similar screenshot below).  Failure to affiliate yourself to a venue this means that you may not be eligible for entry into the ballot.


Conditions for being entered into the ballot:

  • You are an Adult (18+) or Junior (9-17) active ‘Affiliated’ BTM
  • Your venue(s) are linked to your BTM record (similar to screenshot above)
  • You have opted in to the Wimbledon Ballot

If you are an existing BTM then you need to ensure that you meet the above criteria by no later than 17 February 2017.   If you are not currently a BTM then please join – it is FREE!