IOMLTA Poker Stars Winter Doubles Tennis Leagues 2017/2018 Division 1

The Winter League is always a tricky one to negotiate, and this winter was no exception in Division 1.  With just three teams taking part – Douglas A, Albany A and Castletown A – each team was scheduled to play one of the opposing teams four times, thus giving eight fixtures per team.  Unfortunately Castletown A had to pull out of the League, as they were struggling to get players, leaving just Douglas and Albany.  Out of the three matches played – two were not fully completed due to weather conditions, but still scored points.  Albany A conceded their final match as they too were struggling with player availability!

Thank you Alison on a valiant effort organising the teams, and to everyone who took part in the matches.  The good news is that there will be no Winter League 2018/2019!

Albany A beat Douglas A 3-1. Garreth Roome/David Bufton drew with Stewart Swann/Steph Joyce 6-3 5-7. Charlotte Clarke/Alison King beat Tania Thomas/Seraphina Batty 7-5 6-4. The Mixed pairs matches were prevented by rain.

Douglas A beat Albany A 6-0. Stewart Swann/Steph Joyce beat David Bufton/Stuart Colligon 6-1 6-1. Karen Faragher/Seraphina Batty beat Charlotte Clarke/Jackie Russell 6-0 6-3. Swann/Faragher beat Bufton/Clarke 6-2. Joyce/Batty beat Colligon/Russell 6-1.

Albany A lost to Douglas A 1-3. Ian Watson/Garreth Roome drew with Stewart Swann/Steph Joyce 2-6 6-2. Charlotte Clarke/Kirsten Hall lost to Karen Faragher/Seraphina Batty 1-6 1-6. The Mixed Doubles sets could not be played as the courts became slippery.


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